Get a better view of the expanding universe.

Constellation Quality Health helps you get a better perspective on ways to improve system performance while providing patient-centered, cost-effective care.

We bring clarity to the big picture as well as the critical details. With Constellation, you can:

Ensure patients receive the proper care

Receive expert analysis of care utilization

Protect yourself from financial waste and fraud

Identify gaps and risks in health care delivery

Develop strategies and framework for quality improvements

Improve health care quality and outcomes

“We learn something different every year from the Constellation Quality Health team. Our team is always very impressed with the thoroughness….and the recommendations and suggestions are always clear.”

State MCO Representative & Constellation Client

Find Your North Star

It’s impossible for one person to be an expert on every aspect of health care management and delivery. It can even be difficult determining what kind of expertise you need. Constellation Quality Health guides you, identifying the most important services to provide you today, then forecasting and preparing you for future issues.


  • Care Delivery Services
  • Corporate
  • Health Systems
  • Nursing Home Services
  • Population Health Management

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Center of Innovation

  • Behavioral Health
  • Chronic Disease
  • Fraud, Waste & Abuse
  • Long-Term Care


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“I need to stay up-to-date on health care trends and government policy. Having a resource that I can call on for any issue that I face makes my job much easier.”

Constellation Quality Health Customer

We Reveal Patterns in the Chaos

Data tells untold stories. We have the ability to collect and aggregate data from diverse markets, then provide analysis and reporting that enables you to make informed decisions. Working with you, we develop and implement action plans to ensure long-term success for your organization.


We pull data from across the country to get the full picture.


We identify patterns and trends that apply to your organization.


We deliver a clear, comprehensive report.


We help implement plans to ensure optimal success.


Ask Us Questions

Our team of experts will make sense out of the confusion so many professionals face today. We can also work with you to develop strategies and implement action plans to achieve financial stability for your organization and better outcomes for patients.

Constellation Quality Health offers Consulting Services to help you stay on top of health care trends.

our consulting services