Hands of Hope Medical Clinic in Yadkinville, North Carolina provides medical care, laboratory tests, and medications free of charge for patients for acute care, behavioral health counseling, chronic disease management, and medication needs for the uninsured population within the Yadkin County community. The CCME Foundation provided a $45,000 grant for the MediAssist: Access to Medications program.  

The MediAssist program provides necessary medications for free to clinic patients who fall within the affordability gap, addressing barriers to medication access to ensure overall health maintenance, chronic disease management, and to improve their quality of life. The program supports patients with diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and other chronic illnesses to ensure that they have consistent access to these prescriptions. Often, patients are from low income, vulnerable, and marginalized communities who face numerous barriers to health care, including language barriers. Hands of Hope does not have a dental or vision program, but it does provide referrals to these services provided at no or low cost for patients elsewhere.  

According to Executive Director Bridget Boyles, because Yadkinville and the surrounding areas are small towns, the clinic is a hub of trust for its patients seeking medical care. Patients who have been able to access Medicaid due to the recent expansion in North Carolina can still see their volunteer provider from the clinic at the same provider’s place of employment. This continuity of care has helped lower income patients become more invested in their own care because their providers are also an intimate part of the small-town community.  

Because of the clinic’s services, patients have learned the value of using vitamins and supplements to help them battle seasonal afflictions, such as flu, COVID, and colds, as well to manage their chronic conditions, insisting that they replenish their supplies during visits. Several patients have expressed a desire to give a donation to the clinic in appreciation for access to their necessary medications and services. While they cannot pay full price for them, many feel that it is important to pay something to help the clinic continue to provide these free services and medications to the community.  

To learn more about the work of Hands of Hope in Yadkinville, please visit https://hohclinic.org/.